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About me

I’m at the beach, sitting on white, thin sand and staring at the blue, clear water; I must have been 8 or 9 years old. Mom and dad loaded with chairs, coolers, and a basket full of food walked towards me. I sank my feet in the white sand, a habit that I still keep.

I felt the sun warm my skin as a subtle breeze cooled it off behind it. I got up and jumped right into the blue clear water. As I came up for air, I heard my mom called my name… “Ernesto, come and put some sun screen on or you’ll get a sun burn".

When I moved to Canada I left behind many memories like this as well as my loving family. The moment I got on that plane it's still fresh in my mind. My wife and I were so excited and had so many expectations for the uncertain future that awaited us.

As soon as the plane hit the runway, it struck me. I had left my whole life, family, friends, and everything I considered important behind.

Now, fast forward a few years and looking back, I can see how blessed I’ve been. I have two amazing Canadian born kids that fill my heart with love… and I have found a place that I now call home.

As a real estate consultant, I now have the opportunity to help others find that special place to call home.

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I'm a father, husband, son, real estate consultant, and lifelong learner...

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My aim is to offer you an exceptional and personalized real estate experience...

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Valuable pricing guidance. Marketing approach tailored to your property's needs. Knowledge of the local market...

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Individuals are empowered and wealth is created when they own a home. Let me show you the way...

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